Reasons why you think about sex all the time

Everyone loves sex.

That’s for sure. But if you’re the one who often dreams about it, then yes, you love sex more than anyone else. Dreaming and thinking about sex may seem like a guilty pleasure of yours, which is perfectly alright. Human senses are structured in a way to relive the best moments of our lives over and over again.
Sex dreams can be hilarious or sometimes, even weird. The person you least expect turns up in your dreams to haunt you the next morning. Studies suggest that the more people have dreams, the better are their sleep and resting pattern. This is a very positive aspect. However, if you feel somewhat embarrassed by the fact that you only frequently visit sex dreams, then you also have to understand that this is very natural.

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Sex and creativity are interlinked. One’s imagination is said to rise to its peak when they think or dream of sex. Other than usual daily activities, humans tend to show their creativity in these aspects more. Additionally, if people are looking to branch out in areas of exploration and imagination, they can have frequent sex dreams.

Changes in cycle
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Dreams bring out our unconscious desires. If we remember our dreams, we can analyse that it is a great way to understand our behavior and schedules that we daily involve ourselves in. When we enter a new phase of our life, fresh experiences and expressions greet us along the way. If we observe critically, we can realise that the change in our schedules also reflect on the dreams we have.


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Crush alert! If you feel attracted towards a person, be ready to face wild and brand new sex dreams quite often. When we get attracted or crush over others, a physical and emotional need arises within our body and mind, causing us to imagine several things. Our sex fantasies pull us towards the person we feel attracted to.

Admiration and respect

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This can be the most surprising reason. If you respect and admire a person for their qualities, then you can even end up having sex dreams about them! It’s not necessary that you’re attracted to them but even if the person has one quality you admire, that can lead to these situations. Researchers have said that sex dreams point us towards the essential qualities we wish to find in ourselves because it gives us a sense of adventure and purpose.

Sex is a long-lost cause in your life

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If you haven’t been sexually active nor have you been releasing yourself, then chances are that the lack of sex in your life is causing frequent sex dreams. Through this, we tend to satisfy our physical impulses. The lack of sex can be a sign that your body is reacting to the deficiency in that area.