Sikkim’s rapper Suman Subba, the hidden gem


The music industry is filled with innumerable treasures with some hidden gems. Hailing from Gangtok, the capital city of Sikkim, Suman Subba, popularly known as Raiba is a multi-talented artist, a singer, lyricist, music producer and a rapper the hidden gem behind the latest Nepali smash ‘Java Sas’.

‘Java Sas’, has been gaining acclaim by listeners in Sikkim and beyond. The song can be streamed on YouTube.

This mellow romantic track is a perfect listen for a rainy day, “It took one month to complete it,” he informs about the underground hit.

“I think I was born to be a musician. When I think of it now, I think it was a bold decision to make in 2017,” a 23-year-old Raiba said.

As a student, he developed an interest in rap and later he dropped out of school.

He then started rapping with his friends and after a spate of home records he did his first professional recording for ‘Timilai Nai’.

Now, the appreciation has poured in with back-to-back songs. He shares, he never imagined reaching out to so many listeners as a confused struggling boy.

With Abhay Pradhan “Aknox” he makes a special team, someone he immediately connected with in the very first song. They have functioned as a duo in many tracks, including ‘Java Saas’.

“I am a self-trained artist. Listening to Eminem and late Yamabuddha have inspired me so much. Yamabuddha’s Sathi had a tremendous influence on me. It will always be special,” a father to a 2-year-old daughter shares.

His process of working is very organic, “Sometimes thinking and scribbling for a song takes many days and it just happens organically on a single take,” adds Raiba.

He believes this is only the beginning, with long innings in music filled with superlative numbers and many hidden gems from his musical treasure trove.

With over 30 songs to his credit, he is now collaborating with many artists.