Sperm Race To The Egg Is Another Fantasy Of Human Reproduction

A contest with 250 million competitors; only one winner… relentless obstacles, outrageous fatality rate.  Within 30 minutes of ejaculation, over 99 percent of the sperm will be dead or dying. But for those that remain, it will be a vicious 14-hour fight to the end, with only one champion!

Evolution is a brutal process that only allows the strongest and the fittest to survive. The subtle signs of this natural selection theory are seen in the complexities of human mating and sexual behavior, where women are shown to chose specific partners that are genetically suited to producing a fit offspring with more chances of survival. Various theories exist about how a woman or a man chooses the right partner.

And even after that, the process of fertilization weeds out the unfit sperms before finding the right sperm cell for fertilization.

The process of fertilization is often considered to be an olympian race where the sperm that reaches the egg first is the one that fertilizes it. In recent research though, said that a woman’s egg might reject the sperm of her chosen partner. Human eggs release certain chemicals to attract the right sperm and that the chosen sperms may be from an entirely different male than the one chosen by the woman to be her partner.

In each epic battle, millions of sperm compete while overcoming armies of antibodies, treacherous terrain, and impossible odds to reach their single-minded goal.