Taboo To Mainstream: How Women Deals With Infertility In India?

In India, talking about infertility is still taboo. Infertility is defined as the inability of a couple to conceive after one year of unprotected sex or due to some other proven medical condition preventing the same. What’s worse, women have been at the receiving end of much blame in cases where a couple is unable to conceive due to their direct involvement throughout the process.

Beating the taboo: Indian women turning to science & technology for  fertility - The India Saga

Across different cultures globally, the term mother is defined with both childbearing and childrearing connotations, whereas father or fatherhood is along with the terms of ownership of these children. The basis of this lies in the perception of the society that the traditional norm or “destiny” of women is to get married and bear children to carry forward the family’s genetic lineage. Therefore, instead of seeking advice with scientific backing, people resort to superstitious beliefs and the help of religious leaders for corrective measures in the female.

Infertility is as much a social issue as it is a biological one because we live in India. In India, there are superstitions and stigma attached to infertility. It doesn’t take too long for social pressure to reach such heights that already childless couples will feel the pariah effect in a big way. The pressure they feel will keep a vicious cycle of stress further fuelling perpetuating existing infertility issues.

Infertility: Causes, diagnosis, risks, and treatments

But it is important that career women suffering from fertility issues understand that infertility does not mean childlessness. It often means that becoming pregnant might be a challenge. Infertility today can be treated through a variety of medical treatments and women entrepreneurs are increasingly open to these biotech advancements.

Therefore it is important to adopt stress-reducing therapies like yoga, meditation, music therapy, relaxation techniques, and a regular workout regimen as a part of your regular life. Not only will it help you manage your overwhelming obligations, but it will also help you attain a healthy state of mind, the place where all health, wealth, and happiness.