Teenager Beatboxer from Guwahati is making headlines in the Assamese Music Industry.

Dev Darshan Mahanta,

A 21-year-old from Guwahati is all set to perform in the upcoming Indian Beatbox Competition in Bengaluru. He is known by the name of Spyro in the beatboxing circuit. 
He specializes in fluteboxing, a form where the artist plays the flute while simultaneously creating baseline, drum kicks and snare from his mouth. 
The competition is organised by BBX India, an Indian platform of beatboxers. The event will be held from December 14 until December 16 of this year. Other participants in the competition come from Rajasthan, Kashmir, Tamil Nadu, Delhi, Maharashtra, West Bengal, and Karnataka This championship also gives the winner an opportunity for a nomination for the World Beatbox Championship in Berlin which will be held next year. Earlier, the Indian Beatbox Championship was held in Kohima in 2016.