This Woman Is Making Breast Milk jewellery

We come across a variety of jewellery trends every now and then. Some are new, exciting, and intimate, while others are simply odd. And breast milk jewellery is an excellent example of the latter.

Surprisingly, breast milk is proving to be a profitable industry.

Safiyya and Adam Riyadh own Magenta Flowers, an award-winning company that turns special occasion flowers into priceless keepsakes. Magenta Flowers has fulfilled over 4,000 orders since its inception in 2019. However, the company recently ventured into uncharted territory by expanding into breast milk jewellery, with a projected turnover of £1.5 million (Rs 15 crore) in 2023, according to the Daily Star.

The demand for breast milk jewellery has been increasing, so Magenta Flowers is hoping to capitalise on this growing interest.

Mothers all over the world are looking for ways to memorialise their breastfeeding experiences in precious stones made from the liquid.

Safiyya Riyadh

Safiyya, a mother of three, understands how difficult breastfeeding can be and the desire mothers have to continue this journey.

“”I feel like there is so much stigma surrounding breast milk and, in some cases, breastfeeding in public that it’s almost like a hidden gem for me,” she told the Daily Star.

“It fosters a sentimental bond between mothers and their babies and celebrates that treasured bond.” “She continued.

It took a lot of in-depth research for Magenta Flowers to figure out a formula for preserving breast milk into a wearable memento while also ensuring breast milk retains its colour.

The company is projected to turnover £1.5million in 2023

Safiyya eventually devised a technical method for dehydrating the liquid and combining it with high-quality non-yellowing resin to ensure the jewellery remains clear for years to come. “A lot of our customers are often really sad that their breastfeeding voyage is over,” Safiyya explained. “The jewellery is a way to preserve and celebrate both the rewarding and challenging parts of the breastfeeding experience, allowing mothers to proudly display their journey.”

Magenta Flowers makes breast milk necklaces, earrings, charms, and rings by hand.

The company hopes to assist people in immortalising whatever keepsake they desire.