Tired of Pads? Here are some Alternatives to try

Periods are no walk in public Because ladies have that fear of leakage and stain, and dealing with cramps in public means God save me, as a woman we want safety in every situation, like you must make sure about your periods that is it well protected during the heavy days? Everybody have periods but in a different amount, some ladies can just wear a tampon or a pad, and others have to double their pad just to be protected from leakage. If you’re dealing with this month after month, you’re probably wondering if there’s a better, more convenient, and eco-friendly way to go with your flow.

Don’t stress, ladies! We’ve all been through this. We are human, after all. We went on our regular scour of the internet and found some handy alternatives you can try when you run out of sanitary napkins or tampons.

Have you ever tried something else? more comfortable?

Menstrual cups

Menstrual Cups: What to Know
Say hello to my favorite method of dealing with periods. I am a menstrual cup newbie. It took me some time to get used to the process, but let me tell you it has changed my life. No seriously! Bye-bye chafed thighs, that awful period stink, and bloodied panties. You will take some time before you become a C-fold champion–but when you do you’ll pretty much forget you are on your periods. At least for 12 hours!

Reusable menstrual pads

My Shift to Washable Feminine Cloth Pads: The Pros and Cons |  ModernFilipina.ph
I haven’t really tried these yet, but I can safely say that they come with some hassle. Since they are made of fabric, you need to wash and dry them. Plus they are not 100% leak proof. Let’s come to the good part now. Since they are reusable, you will not just save a lot of money, but also ensure that you are doing your bit to reduce your carbon footprint. Also, the cotton is far kinder to your skin than a regular sanitary pad thanks to zero chemicals.

Organic tampons

Organic Tampons: 11 Questions about Organic Cotton Tampons, Answered -  EverCup
Made from 100% cotton, they are the eco-friendly version of regular old tampons. And since they go inside and remain out of sight, it sure does make your periods a tad more bearable. Plus you can kiss goodbye to all the itchiness and period smell

Period Panties

Period Underwear: 17 Options for Every Body
I am convinced that these will change the world. No seriously think about it. You wear them in the morning and change them in the night without giving a single thought. If you are picturing these as adult diapers you are absolutely wrong. Period panties are like regular underwear with a special layer that helps prevent blood from seeping through. Plus they are washable so you can save a lot of money and give back to the environment.

If we have so many options then why to scared about leakage all the time, just let it be and let it flow you just don’t stop.