When You Can’t Face An Honest Concept, A fervid Backlash is what You Get.

Monalisa Gogoi-

The ad for Tanishq’s new collection, Ekatvam (oneness), which has been withdrawn recently after a massive social media outrage. The video depicting a pregnant Hindu woman being guided by her Muslim mother-in-law towards a baby shower. It was just a sweet gesture by the family to the ‘Daughter In Law’.
They tried to celebrate an occasion that ussually they don’t, which shows a beautiful convergence of two different religion, culture , tradition, and must note the beautiful lines when surprised Daughter-in-law said “this occasion is not celebrated in your home”. The Mother-in-law sweetly replied “But keeping our daughters happy is a occasion which is celebrated in every home”.
But A section of social media users called out the advert of promoting “Love Jihad”– a term coined to denote an alleged campaign run by Muslim to convert Hindu girl on the pretext of love.
By suggestting a reverse scenario as correction, the other argument lays bare how perilously close the country is tethered to an idea which is no longer shared but enforced.

while the ad has recieved alot of critisism for advocating “Love Jihad”, many people appreciated the company for launching a beautiful ad and urged more companies to came up with ads that promote the message of unity. Many famous figures came in to support the commercial-

Congress MP Shashi Tharoor called those slamming the video “Hindutva bigots”. He said people calling for boycotting Tanishq should boycott India altogether as it’s the biggest symbol of Hindu-Muslim unity.



Supporters  came together to reiterate the fundamental right to expression, and condemned the online “aggression”.

Many of the supporters , and strong figures raising the question to the opposers, and seeking for the answer that what we are really achieving by promoting hatred?

As the social media campaign accusing Tanishq of promoting “love jihad” by celebrating an interfaith marriage gained momentum, the brand first disabled the comment section and likes/dislikes on YouTube, late on Monday evening, withdrew the video which is not yet accepted by the supporters, But Tanishq made to put out an apology saying- “We are deeply saddened with the inadvertent stirring of emotions and withdraw this film keeping in mind the hurt sentiments and well being of our employees, partners and store staff,”.

Now the point is, has Tanishq surrendered to fear and intimidation after it decided to pull an advertisement that celebrated diversity? How to get out of the tangle is the question now, I personally appreciate the idea, which have achived the unity of many hearts. We don’t have to go by the sick mindsets of the opposers, see the “well meaning” concept. But the way Tanishq went a step back and withdrawn it was not an option, which has completely saddens me beacause i don’t think we want to represent our own counrty that still prides itself of being secular. I hold it to be utterly wrong, thus to divide man from man by reason of religion which is liable to change.