With gorgeous florals and vibrant hues, Hailey Bieber’s summer fashion is a perfect reference

Hailey Bieber’s fashion sense is undeniably one of the most approachable among Hollywood’s it-girls. Despite the high-end labels, she fashions wardrobe staples in a way that anyone can do. Hailey’s uniform consists of casual streetwear, oversized outerwear, and a monochrome colour palette. When she’s not working, Hailey is the queen of blending lounge and luxury. Her go-to looks include a tracksuit paired with a designer bag or a statement blazer paired with Nike Air Force 1s. Today, we’ll look at her stylish summer wardrobe.

Hailey transformed athleisure into a classic look. Her bright biker shorts, scrunchie, large overcoat, and tall socks with shoes are vintage, while her pale green Alo bikini top and body jewellery are modern. It’s ideal for hot-weather errands.

Hailey was photographed in L.A. wearing sunny checkered trousers and a fuzzy blouse. Her Air Jordan 1s, on the other hand, stole the show. Hailey’s prized sneaker has been in her collection for a long time, but she recently demonstrated its versatility.

A trip to Los Angeles included the tricky summer jumpsuit, which, when worn correctly, is a novel variation on the obvious classics. Hailey chose a Dries Van Noten white cotton design and nailed the daring one-piece by sticking to a lightweight fabric; its industrialized belt, drawcord strap, and massive cargo pocket also contributed to the futuristic vibe. With classic white Adidas Stan Smiths, sharp black spectacles, and golden Jennifer Fisher earrings, the colour palette remained monochromatic.

Hailey is a huge fan of sundresses. While the traditional sundress is overtly feminine, Justin’s approach favours light and airy clothing. To begin with, they’re mostly black. The extra flowers make this outfit a must-have for summer, but it would also work as an LBD without the print. She also chose exposed straps and fitted tops to draw attention to her top and skin.