You Should Use This Instagram Feature If You Haven’t Already

Influencers advertising a variety of products can be seen all over Instagram. However, there is an underutilized Instagram tool that allows you to be #inspired in another way: browsing Instagram locations. Forget Yelp: By skimming through posts and Stories labelled at a place, you can discover for yourself which restaurants offer the yolkiest brunches, which hotels have the greatest soaking tubs, and which hair salons have the happiest client photos.x

This style of Instagram exploration may offer you a glimpse of any location on the planet. You can tell if a bar is open by looking at recent public posts and Stories, or if a beach is packed by looking at recent public posts and Stories. You may also perform research on prospective locations by tapping on the geotags in postings. Are you curious about the hike your friend’s relative went on this weekend? With a simple tap, find out where it is and receive instructions to the exact place where the photo was shot.

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Justin, 29, uses it to curate meal plans in new places since it is so handy. When I travel, I like to utilize location search over other review apps to locate locations that appear nice on Instagram.

Here’s how to use Instagram to explore the world, find out whether everyone is missing you, and plan your next meal:

General Instagram location search of Crater Lake in Oregon results.

If your search parameters are flexible, you may utilize Instagram’s general search bar to type in the name of the location you’re looking for and sort the results by Top, Accounts, Audio, Tags, and Places. If it’s a business or a well-known location, such as a nail salon or a prominent pizza joint, it’ll most likely appear in Top, Accounts, and Places. Tags and Places, on the other hand, are your best choices if you’re looking for anything specific, such as a landmark or a private beach because the majority of those search results are user-generated.

Interact With Stories

Playing around on Instagram Stories is another method to find new places. If you notice a Story with a location tag, press the geo link to get to the location page. More information, Top and Recent entries, and instructions may all be found there.

Do A Direct Search

Search official locations on Instagram by tapping business info.

Go to their account if you’re looking for a place that already has an Instagram account or presence, such as a café or a national park. These accounts may display their geotag on the grid, or users may have included it in their tagged photographs. Tap the place to see how far away it is, a visual representation of its position on a map, and curation of Top and Recent posts were taken there. While the Top page is an excellent spot to look at some of the greatest photographs shot at the venue, the Recent tab will provide you the most up-to-date visuals — which is especially handy if you’re trying to figure out how the bar is currently feeling. You can also open the post in Maps or Google Maps to obtain directions directly to the stop by tapping on a place and hitting the “View more” symbol in the top-right corner.

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