YouTube Music now to speakers.

YouTube Music

YouTube Music now lets free users cast uploaded music to speakers

If you’ve decided against paying for YouTube Music but have still found yourself using the service as a cloud locker for your uploaded tracks, you can now cast that content to devices and speakers around your home. Initially, only premium subscribers were able to cast — a restriction that angered some people after they made the switch from Google Play Music to YouTube Music.


As noted by Android Police, YouTube Music also now works better with Google Assistant when it comes to your personal playlists. You can request them by name when speaking to Assistant, and the right playlist will come on. Somehow that didn’t work before, and it’s odd that it took this long for Google to make two of its own services work better together.

Browse through the YouTube Music app on your phone and you’ll notice another new thing: charts. An update to the explore tab has added top charts for artists, songs, and music videos in 57 countries.

These updates come as Google continues with its long-planned phasing out of Google Play Music, leaving YouTube Music as the company’s lone music service.