Approximately 60 people gone missing as a result of the floods; hope is fading

The number of people killed in Maharashtra due to flooding and landslides following days of torrential rain increased to 153 on Sunday, according to the state administration, even as a frantic hunt for at least 64 people missing in the worst-affected Konkan and western districts continued.

Heavy rain has been falling on India’s western coast since Thursday, with the India Meteorological Department predicting additional rain in the coming days. Due to significant water-logging and after parts of the roadways were swept away in certain locations, major state and national highways, including the Mumbai-Goa highway, remained closed on Sunday.

“The rescue operations at most of the landslide sites are expected to be called off by Monday as the chances of the recovery of missing people from the sites are very less. The bodies are likely to have been washed away with the current of the water and may have travelled far off,” a district official in Raigad said.