‘Durga Fighters’: All-women squad formed in Chhattisgarh to battle Naxalism

To combat Naxalism in the Naxal-affected Sukma area, a Durga Fighter group with 32 female employees has been formed. Sunil Sharma, Sukma’s Superintendent of Police, told reporters that the new recruits will be trained for a month.

“We are pleased to report that on the occasion of Raksha Bandhan, women commandos from Chhattisgarh met with officials to create a District Reserve Force (DRG) squad for them. The idea was adopted, and the squad would be known as the Durga Fighters, with 32 female members. For a month, they will be trained for commando duty. They would be in charge of all active responsibilities “he stated

The objective of an all-women army, according to the Sukma SP, is to promote gender equality. “These women commandos have been given three-month advanced in-house training in jungle warfare tactics. They are trained for motorcycle patrolling in the dense forests, map reading, understanding Naxal profiles, and counter-ambush strategy. The important factor is all of them are local residents, including surrendered Naxals, and therefore are well acquainted with the forested terrain and the local language. All these are key elements in the fight against Naxals,” he said.