First Omicron patient in Delhi discusses symptoms, treatment

first case of Omicron

Sahil Thakur, a 37-year-old man from Ranchi who was the first case of Omicron in Delhi, has been discharged from the hospital and is on his way to recovery. He is currently undergoing home isolation, after which he will be subjected to a 14-day home observation period. A couple of security guards have been stationed outside his home to keep an eye on things and ensure there is no movement. “I’ve been told that I’ll be monitored at home for 14 days and that doctors will check on me on a regular basis,” Sahil Thakur told news agency PTI. On December 5, three days after India’s first Omicron cases were reported, he was diagnosed with this latest variant of SARS-CoV-2. On December 4, he flew back to Delhi from Dubai, where he was doing some business.

“We were asked to fill out e-Suvidha forms, and passengers were randomly tested back then, as opposed to now, when everyone is tested. I was also not tested when I arrived at the airport, so I left. I also had no symptoms, such as a cough, sore throat, or fever. As a precaution, I went home and locked myself in a room “he stated

“But, because I had to fly to Bombay on December 7, I had to get tested for Covid before leaving. My travel plans were cancelled after I tested positive for Covid on December 6, and authorities informed me two days later that I was positive for the Omicron variant “PTI quoted Thakur as saying.

Thakur was allowed to remain in home isolation until December 11th, when he was taken to LNJP Hospital by ambulance.

Thakur, like the majority of Omicron cases around the world, had no symptoms. This isn’t the first time he’s encountered Covid. He was infected during the first wave as well, he claimed. “I was extremely fortunate. Although this is a highly transmissible variant, my parents were tested and found to be negative, as were a few other people I had come into contact with who were also tested and found to be negative. And right now, we must all exercise extreme caution “he stated

The businessman lives with his parents and domestic help in Rohini. He claims that three to four police officers are stationed outside his home. “They are courteous and also provide us with daily necessities, as none of us are allowed to leave until the restrictions are lifted. I’ve been told that even after the home isolation restrictions are lifted, which could be in 3-4 days, I’ll be under observation for 14 days at home, with doctors checking on me on a regular basis “he stated.

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