Intruders break into bagdogra monastery & run away with donation box

On the night between Thursday and Friday, unidentified criminals allegedly broke into a Buddhist monastery in this city and robbed the contribution box.

According to reports, the crooks stormed into the Daragaon Monastery in Upper Bagdogra, smashed the contribution box’s lock, and fled with about Rs. 7,000 in cash. A ditch near Asian Highway II yielded the contribution box, which was recovered.

The crime was discovered when residents out on a morning stroll realised the gate lock had been tampered with, according to Monk Sangey Lama, who is also the monastery’s custodian.

According to Surajman Ghishing, the monastery’s president, the theft was likely perpetrated by drug addicts because they only took cash and left other, more expensive goods at the monastery.

The officer-in-charge of the Bagdogra police station, Mahesh Singh, is also accused of being involved in the crime.