Assam: Dhubri Police open fire on Cattle-laden vehicle; Two arrested


In an attempt to stop ‘smugglers’ from fleeing with a cattle-laden vehicle, police in Assam’s Dhubri district opened fire on it, puncturing its tyres. The incident occurred in Assam’s Dhubri district, in the Golakganj area.

“Acting on a tip, the Golakganj police chased a cattle-laden bolero pickup vehicle bearing the registration number WB- 63B- 3646 and singled it to stop,” according to police sources. However, the driver of the vehicle disregarded the officer’s warning and attempted to flee the scene.”

“Police chased the vehicle for over 20 kilometres from Golakganj to Dhubri town via Gauripur, and when all other options were exhausted, police opened fire, puncturing the vehicle’s tyres,” sources said.

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