Assam: ‘Khao Gully’ in Guwahati; Dedicated Street Food lane from Indore

fast food stall

Guwahati is planning to establish a dedicated street food lane in the Ambari part of the city, akin to Indore’s ‘Khao Gully.’

The Guwahati Municipal Corporation (GMC) is considering renovating and transforming certain areas of the city into commercial and gastronomic centres. In Ambari, the Corporation has already identified one such roadway.

GMC Commissioner Devasish Sharma told G Plus that the Ariz Path at Ambari, near the TC Government Girls’ High School and adjacent to the Sahityarathi Lakhminath Bezbaroa Chowk, has already been designated as a starting point. “It’s been cleared by the police, and work should start in the next two or three months,” Sharma added.

He said the Corporation was inspired by iconic Indian streets like ‘Khao Gully,’ which is a regular business location by day and changes into a lively food street by night.

“People will want to visit, dine, and have fun once things return to normal and the COVID-19 protocols are completed. We’ve found a street that might be converted into a restaurant street “he stated

Although it will be touted as a ‘Khao Gully,’ or restaurant street, the GMC Commissioner emphasised that the major goal will be to relocate the city’s street vendors in a more systematic manner.

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