Manas Tigers team receives IUCN’s ‘Highly Commended’ Award; Aaranyak organises event

Aaranyak presided over the much-anticipated IUCN ‘Highly Commended’ award distribution ceremony for the Manas Tigers team, which took place at the Manas Conservation and Outreach Centre (MCOC) in Bhuyanpara. The award ceremony was organised by Bhuyanpara Range Office, Manas National Park under the Manas Tiger Project.

According to a statement, the event was organised by Aaranyak, a scientific and industrial research organisation as well as a frontline biodiversity conservation organisation in Northeast India. The Manas Tigers, a mobile patrol team formed in March 2016 by the forest department’s Bhuyanpara Range Office, Manas National Park, received a special “Highly Commended” certificate and a 3000 US dollar recognition award.

At the IUCN (International Union for Conservation of Nature) and WCPA (World Commission for Protected Areas) International Ranger Award 2021, the Manas Tigers team received the award for their continuous, dedicated, and systematic data-oriented patrolling approach to conserve and protect Manas’ natural heritage.

The award money was presented to the Manas Tigers team’s family members in the form of a check at the event on Monday. Three forest guards, three service providers (SPs), and six casual labourers make up the current Manas Tigers team, which won this award (CLs).

Local NGO members Manas Maozigendri Ecotourism Society, Manas Agrang Society, and Manas Bhuyanpara Conservation and Ecotourism Society are the CLs and SPs. On April 7, 2021, the International Ranger Awards ceremony was held online.

At the Field Director Office, Barpeta Road, All Manas Tigers team members, Amal Chandra Sarma (Ex Field Director, Manas National Park), representatives from Aaranyak, WWF, and other forest officials attended this online award ceremony.

Assam: Manas Tigers team receives IUCN ‘Highly Commended' Award; Aaranyak facilitates event 1

Aaranyak nominated the Manas Tigers team for the International Ranger Award 2021, along with two other patrol teams from Manas National Park. Dibakar Das, deputy director, Manas National Park; DD Boro, OSD, Manas National Park; Kameswar Baro, in-charge, Bhuyanpara Range Office, Manas National Park; Bhuyanpara Range staff and Aaranyak team members working in the Manas Landscape led by Dr. Bibhuti P Lahkar, senior scientist, were among those who attended the event on Monday.

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